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How Fun Casinos Work    


Each guest is given fun money which they can exchange for chips at a table of their choice to test their skill and try their hand with lady luck. All the rules will be explained by the croupier, then let the games begin! At the end of the event all the chips are counted to discover who has been the most successful and the lucky winners are declared. Many optional prizes can be awarded such as a bottle of champagne, wine, soft toys, T shirts etc…. The better the prizes the more interesting the event. Win or lose there is no doubt that fun casinos create an exciting setting for the players giving them all the ambience of Monte Carlo without breaking the bank!

Raising Funds with Fun Casinos

Millennium Casinos are a great way of raising funds for charity and worthy causes. There are various ways of adding excitement to the evening with the addition of spot prizes, prize draws and booby prizes.





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